Coming soon!


Apologies if it’s all seemed quiet here lately. Behind the scenes, everything is very busy, though! I’m currently on with the job of expanding this site from a blog to include information pages for forgotten comedians. In due time, I hope to create a comedy directory featuring biographies, filmographies and image galleries for silent clowns, music hall stars and talking comedians. There will be links to appropriate blog articles, too.

I hope this will make  this site a useful  point of information in anyone jumping off into the more obscure comedy films of the golden age of comedy. Specific pages for each performer will enable easier access to info and blog posts, which can sometimes become a bit ephemeral.

There’s not a whole lot to see at the moment, but if you click on the menu at top left (on the page banner), you can access the pages created so far. (I’m hoping to develop a better menu system as things progress). Be sure to keep checking back for updates, and if I’ve missed one of your favourites, leave a comment! 🙂




  1. I also believe Charley Bowers heavily influenced Dr Seuss. Dr. Seuss made a color short in 1941 called UNUSUAL OCCUPATIONS (1941) When I last viewed this short, It had me rubbing my chin making me think it plausible that this short had some Bowers input.

    MANY A SLIP on the Blu-ray has the first reel restored which the Image DVD did not.


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