The Lost Laugh Encyclopedia of Comedians: updates

As well as blog posts, I’m slowwwwwwly developing the site into a directory with feature pages for the silent and sound comics featured here.

In time, each encyclopedia entry will feature a gallery, biography and analysis of their work, video links  and complete filmographies with reviews. I’ll also include links to any blog posts relevant to that performer.

Obviously, this will be a long term project, but eventually I hope for this to be a useful reference source for comedy buffs worldwide.

I’ve split perfomers into three categories for now:

The Silent Clowns

The Brits: music hall and stage/film stars of Britain

The Talking US clowns: American stars whose biggest success was from the 1930s onwards.


By navigating the menu on the site header, you can access these pages, which will continue to be added to. I’ll also post updates on this home page. In the meantime, I’ve added five biographies:

Lloyd Hamilton

Charley Bowers

Clark & McCullough

Alice Howell

Lupino Lane

Keep checking back, and if there’s someone you’d especially like to see covered, or you have stills to share, please get in touch!


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