The Yorkshire Silent Film Festival


Yesterday was the first night of a brilliant new silent film festival for the North of England. The Yorkshire Silent Film festival, spearheaded by festival producer and silent film pianist Jonathan Best, presents a great new approach to silent film programming.

Rather than settling in one city, the Yorkshire Silent Film festival will crisscross the county throughout the month of July, taking in cinemas, theatres and village halls in a pioneering new approach. Amongst the many towns to be visited are leeds, Sheffield, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Scarborough and Doncaster.

As far as the programme is concerned, there is a wide range of silents on offer, from Houdini’s THE GRIM GAME and Louise Brooks’ PANDORA’S BOX, through to a sizeable comedy selection. This strand includes shorts from Keaton, Chaplin, Laurel &Hardy and the classic Hal Roach ‘All Star’ short, ‘A PAIR OF TIGHTS. A wonderful gem, this short features Anita Garvin and Marion Byron as Hal Roach’s attempts at a ‘female Laurel & Hardy’ team, with great support from EDGAR KENNEDY. There is also SAFETY LAST and Colleen Moore’s ‘ORCHIDS AND ERMINE’.orchids and ermine.png


Musical accompaniment comes from, amongst others, Jonathan Best and Lillian Henley. Here’s wishing the festival’s novel approach the best of luck. Let’s hope it’s the first of many!

Details of all screenings can be found at

Come and support this great new festival, and see a bit of Yorkshire along the way!


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