More Laurel & Hardy on Talking Pictures: February showings

Oh, Talking Pictures TV, where would we classic film fans be without you? It’s been so long since I switched the TV on and came upon a black and white film by chance. Best of all, it’s not just repeats of BRIEF ENCOUNTER or THE LAVENDER HILL MOB (I love both those films, but c’mon, FIlm4, there are many others to choose from!)

Now available on Freeview too (channel 81), the schedules for TPTV just keep getting better and better, as they’ve expanded into a wider range of films. Notably, they returned Laurel & Hardy to TV screens for the first time in years last Autumn. Now they’re having a season of L & H shorts, too.

Here are upcoming screenings:

Sat 03 Feb 18 17:35 Below Zero
Sun 04 Feb 18 14:05 Oliver the Eighth
Sun 04 Feb 18 20:20 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
Wed 07 Feb 18 11:15 County Hospital
Wed 07 Feb 18 13:35     Brats
Wed 07 Feb 18 20:15 Laughing Gravy
Sun 11 Feb 18 9:20 The Music Box
Mon 12 Feb 18 17:35 Helpmates
Sat 17 Feb 18 9:35 Busy Bodies
Sun 18 Feb 18 9:35 Tit for Tat
Sun 18 Feb 18 19:50 Saps At Sea
Sat 24 Feb 18 9:20 The Music Box
Sun 25 Feb 18 9:20 Laughing Gravy
Tue 27 Feb 18 18:00 Towed In A Hole
Sat 03 Mar 18 9:25 Towed In A Hole
Sun 04 Mar 18 9:35 Them Thar Hills
Sun 04 Mar 18 20:30 Oliver the Eighth
Sun 04 Mar 18 4:20 The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case

Bravo, Talking Pictures! This is only the tip of the iceberg though. This month’s schedule incudes lots more seldom-seen-on-TV comedies, from Peter Sellers, Jack Hulbert, Alastair Sim, Flanagan & Allen and even British silent clown Walter Forde! Find full listings here:



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