The films of Clark & McCullough


THE INTERVIEW D: ? The boys are interviewed by a girl reporter. 1 reel.

THE HONOR SYSTEM 1 reel—Clark and McCullough are accused of thievery and given chance to prove their innocence by the chief of police. 1 reel.

THE BATH BETWEEN—A film version of one of C & McC’s sketches, based around the complication arising in a bathroom shared between two rooms. Film treatment written by Hugh Herbert, later Columbia star. 2 reels.

THE DIPLOMATS D: Norman Taurog.

The boys bring anything but diplomacy to a Ruritanian kingdom! 4 reels.

IN HOLLAND D: Norman Taurog. With Marjorie Beebe, Ralph Emerson and George Bickel.

The boys ruin a farmer’s tulip crop, so set off to fetch the rare Swiss Edelweiss flower to atone for their accident. Clark was laid up during shooting after a windmill paddle hit him on the head. 3 reels.


As a pair of tramps, C & McC crash the world of boxing. 3 reels.

KNIGHTS OUT: D: Norman Taurog. A medieval comedy. 3 reels.

THE MUSIC FIENDS D: Harry Sweet. 3 reels.

THE MEDICINE MEN D: Harry Sweet. 3 reels.

BENEATH THE LAW D: Norman Taurog. 2 reels.

BELLE OF SAMOA– D: Marcel Silver.

C & McC find themselves in a Samoan temple, where men are taboo, This provides the excuse for dances by Filoi and her 60 Samoan dancers. Also featuring Lois Moran. 2 reels.

ALL STEAMED UP D: Norman Taurog. With Anita Garvin, Gavin Gordon. 3 reels.

DETECTIVES WANTED D: Norman Taurog. The boys as hopeless sleuths. 3 reels.


STRIKE UP THE BAND: Not a theatrical release, this is footage shot from the rehearsals of the Broadway show. The duo are seen interacting in some crosstalk with George Gershwin.


A PEEP IN THE DEEP D: Mark Sandrich

C & McC are mistaken for captains of a ship just about to sail. After 35 days losing their way at sea, it transpires they have accidentally circumnavigated the globe in record time.



The first of a series of promo films for Chesterfield featured C & McC. According to ‘FILM DAILY’, there is no mention at all of the sponsors other than in the opening and closing titles. Instead, a two-reel sketch plays out uninterrupted, as a policeman is constantly thwarted at keeping hoboes Bobby and Paul from their favourite park bench. Has anyone seen a copy of this?

RKO SHORTS (Clark and McCullough starring series, 1931-35) All 2 reels.


FALSE ROOMERS D: Mark Sandrich

Clark and McCullough take a room in James Finlayson’s boarding house, and proceed to defy his ‘No Cooking’ rule with relish.

SCRATCH AS CATCH CAN D: Mark Sandrich. With James Finlayson.

The pair are in on an insurance racket. Nominated for an academy award, but lost out to L & H’s ‘THE MUSIC BOX’.



THE ICEMAN’S BALL. D: Mark Sandrich.

—Bobby and Paul steal two cops’ uniforms and have a whale of a time at the police commissioner’s party.

THE MILLIONAIRE CAT D: Mark Sandrich. With james Finlayson, Nora Cecil, Eddie Dunn.

Pest exterminators C & McC find themselves tackling troublesome aunts instead of ants!

A MELON-DRAMA D: Mark Sandrich. With James Finlayson.

McCullough is carrying around a watermelon, unaware it contains a time bomb!

JITTERS THE BUTLER D: Mark Sandrich. With Robert Greig, James Finlayson, Dorothy Granger.

Street sweepers C & McC have just been discharged by Finlayson. Imagine how pleased he is to find them crashing his society party!



THE GAY NIGHTIES D: Mark Sandrich. With James Finlayson, Monty Collins, Dorothy Granger.

Political advisors Blackstone and Blodgett frame their candidate’s rival (James Finlayson) with a compromising photo.

HOKUS FOCUS— D: Mark Sandrich. With Max Davidson, James Finlayson.

Photographer Fin is in trouble for getting too friendly with his female customers. The boy lend their customary “assistance” to his predicament.

THE DRUGGIST’S DILEMMA   D: Mark Sandrich. With James Finlayson, Cecil Cunningham, Charlie Hall, Al Thompson.

The boys work for druggist James Finlayson. Fin’s eponymous predicament involves the loss of his trousers in a poker game; Clark & McCullough are tasked with bringing him a replacement pair before his wife finds out.


In a mythical kingdom, salami is prohibited. Detectives C & McC are on the trail of some sausage smugglers, who are led by the incompetent Disputin. Working title: ‘Disputin The Punk’.

FITS IN A FIDDLE D: Sam White—Buskers C & McC crash a radio orchestra.




Posing a magicians, C & McC crash a society party with their pet goat.

LOVE AND HISSES D: Sam White— More melons. Clark and McCullough play mischievous matchmakers to the melon-obsessed Ferdinand Munier and his tubby tryst, Maude Traux.

SNUG IN THE JUG D: Ben Holmes—newly released from jail, Clark and McCullough enlist a criminologist to help them catch up with Slug Mullins, who landed them in jail. Little do they know that the criminologist is actually Mullins in disguise…

ODOR IN THE COURT D: Ben Holmes—With Tom Kennedy, Jack Rice.

Lawyers Blackstone and Blodgett are in court to fight alimony payments for their client.

EVERYTHING’S DUCKY D: Ben Holmes. With Eddie Gribbon.

—Cookware salesmen C & McC demonstrate their wares by cooking a Duck dinner for Eddie Gribbon; trouble is, they’ve cooked up his pet duck Ambrose!


A kidnapper is targeting bearded men. With the aid of some whiskers, McCullough is used as bait to catch the villain!

IN THE DEVIL’S DOGHOUSE D: Ben Holmes. With Tom Kennedy, Bud Jamison, Dorothy Granger.

C & McC are constantly at odds with marine Tom Kennedy, not to mention practical joker Bud Jamison.

IN A PIG’S EYE D: Ben Holmes—Crotch and Blodgett, tailors, pose as Scotsmen for the sheer hell of it, and take their pet pig to a party thrown by an inventor. Unfortunately, the pig accidentally eats the inventor’s newest invention: a powerful explosive!



FLYING DOWN TO ZERO D: Ben Holmes. With Bud Jamison, Harry Gribbon.

The boys try to snare Harry Gribbon in an insurance racket.

ALIBI BYE BYE D: Ben Holmes. With Bud Jamison, Constance Bergen, Dorothy Granger, Ben Taggart, Tom Kennedy.

‘Alibi photographers’ C & McC are working for both Bud Jamison and his wife, who are unaware that they are staying in the same hotel!




THE GOLDWYN FOLLIES: D: George Marshall. With