Not-so-Blue Monday: 3 clips to start your week with a smile!


Ah, it’s Monday. But fear not, here are three clips to make everything better! First up, Groucho v Chico in HORSE FEATHERS. Swordfish!

Buster Keaton, live on ‘The Ed Wynn Show’, 1949. A cracking spot, which proved to a new audience that BK was back!

Lastly, here’s a great little Lupino Lane short that’s been pieced back together from a couple of sources by David Glass. It has most of Lane’s pet routines, as well as an interesting look at the Educational studios as Lane tries to crash the movies. Look out for a brief Lloyd Hamilton cameo, too! ‘MOVIELAND’ was released in 1926.


All for now! More posts coming later this week, on Harry Langdon and Stanley Lupino. Stay tuned!

One comment

  1. Hi Matt, I’ve just watched both versions of Movieland…I already have a copy from but yours is a lot longer than mine …and it’s got Lloyd Hamilton in it …couldn’t get any better for me because as, you know, I love them both…fantastic as usual.


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