A Night at The Museum with Lupino Lane

80-odd years before Ben Stiller, Lupino Lane made his version of ‘A Night at the Museum’! This Educational Pictures short is from his golden period, 1926, and was directed by Charles Lamont. The leading lady is Katherine McGuire, best known for appearing opposite Buster Keaton in SHERLOCK, JR and THE NAVIGATOR. Lane’s brother Wallace Lupino appears as the villain.

There are some great gags in the opening sequence, including a lovely reveal shot and a nice chase sequence which Lane later adapted for his 1931 sound feature NO LADY.

Sorry about the print quality – this one doesn’t seem to be online already though, so I figured poor quality Nip is better than none. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Matt, I already have a copy of this on an Alpha video. But you’re copy is MUCH better.
    We’ve just watched it and it really made my wife and me laugh !!!
    And boy do we need a laugh at the moment.

    Keep ’em coming ….the more the merrier.

    All the best

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    1. Good to know Terry! I couldn’t find my Alpha dvd so thought this might be worse, but it’s a bit more watchable than I remembered. Funnier than I remembered too! I’m going through my collection and digitising/copying a few rare bits and bobs, so more to come soon 🙂

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