Pierre Etaix 1928 – 2016

pierre etaix 2Sad, sad news.  Pierre Etaix, though hardly as well-known as Jacques Tati, was a masterful pantomimist, comedy constructionist and perhaps the last genuine heir to the silent clowns. It was a thrill to see him in person at Bristol’s Slapstick Festival a few years ago. So many of the performers I love passed on years before I could ever hope to catch a glimpse of them in the flesh, so to see M. Etaix in real life was an absolute treat.

After the showing, I wrote an article about him, which I revisited in a blog post earlier this year.

The Guardian has published a well-composed obituary here.

And here’s how Pierre Etaix needs to be remembered. His best short film, ‘HEUREUX ANNIVERSAIRE’ (‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY’) from 1962:



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